Complete event management


Logical, strategic and economic focus

  • briefing

    We develop an understanding of your requirements

    After taking a brief from you we analyze your goals and objectives.  Ideas are activated by a group of creative people brainstorming different aspects of the brief. After concept development, we offer you an outline of your event. When we have jointly created ideas and agreed on the desired outcome, we commence the event plan.

  • planning

    Development of an event plan

     The plan incorporates all key components to ensure the event meets your requirement. Our service includes management of all suppliers, contracts and third parties. We manage finance and definatively outline the project.

  • delivery & facilitation

    Project delivery & facilitation

    We present the plan and seek agreement on the content, event milestones and projections. We ensure quality control procedures are in place and communicate progress on a regular basis, before, during and post event.

  • evaluation

    Let's assess the project

    Following the event, we meet and debrief. We conduct a review, assess and evaluate the project and complete a written report. The report will outline key learnings, project successes and future suggestions for modification or improvement. This important phase of work lays the foundation for future events or projects.

Event management specialists

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